Does your company extend credit to merchants and clients? If so, you run the risk of default. Delinquent accounts can ruin your company’s financial stability, so don’t wait until your accounts default before contacting us. Allow Empire Recovery Services to minimize the devastating effects of account delinquency and improve your collection methods today. If you’ve struggled collecting payments in the past, or worry about it in the future, we can help. Our team consists of lawyers and experts in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry with years of experience collecting on delinquent accounts. If you struggle with or worry about the risks of commercial debt collection, Empire Recovery Services has you covered.

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It isn’t hard to tell when an account is at risk of going into default. Merchants will request an unusual amount of documentation, close bank accounts, block you from pulling from their accounts, dodge your communication efforts, and make empty promises about money coming in. Even before you notice the typical warning signs, let Empire Recovery help. We’ll analyze your accounts and work with you to prevent account delinquency.

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