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Does your company extend credit to merchants and clients? If so, you run the risk of default. Delinquent accounts can ruin your company’s financial stability, so don’t wait until your accounts default before contacting us. Allow Empire Recovery Solutions to minimize the devastating effects of account delinquency and improve your collection methods today. If you’ve struggled collecting payments in the past, or worry about it in the future, we can help. Our team consists of lawyers and experts in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry with years of experience collecting on delinquent accounts. If you struggle with or worry about the risks of commercial debt collection, Empire Recovery Solutions has you covered.

Comprised of a team of business and legal experts in the Merchant Cash Advance industry, Empire Recovery Solutions has the experience and resources to improve your company’s debt collection methods. If your company extends credit to other businesses or individuals, you probably struggle from time to time to collect outstanding debts. Are defaults and missed/reduced payments burdening your cash flow? Is your collections staff working harder than your underwriters? Empire Recovery Services can help. Our commercial debt recovery services will help you maximize your company’s efficiency and profitability.


At Empire Recovery Solutions, our main objective is to make sure you get paid. If your business extends credit, you run the risk of failing to collect. This could be devastating to your company and shareholders. Even before your accounts go into default, let us help. Using our technology, expertise, and manpower, we’ll make sure you get the most out of your delinquent merchants and clients. Our primary goal is to prevent your accounts from becoming delinquent, but when it happens, we’ll take care of you.

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